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Pearl Coast Properties located in Newport Coast, California provides personal real estate services through understanding and accomplishing the desires of their clients. The company focus is to have complete satisfaction meeting your personal and financial goals.


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3 Seyne, Newport Coast, 23 Silver Pine, Newport Coast, 44 Harcourt, Newport Coast, 8 Agostino, Newport Coast, 940 Rembrandt, Laguna Beach, 17 Bridgeport, Newport Coast, 4 Tarascon, Newport Coast, 33 Chandon, Newport Coast, 11 San Pietro, Newport Coast, 4612 Via Carlos, Laguna Hills, 707 Bayside, Newport Beach, 31 Vernon Newport Coast, 41 Marisol Newport Coast


Dawn Rinker 25+ Years as a Real Estate Broker

BS from USC

Masters in Gerontology and Planning from USC

Ken Rinker,Real Estate Agent and Chartered Financial Analyst

Investment Management for over 25+ Years

MBA from USC