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For release: Empty Beaches in Newport Beach Not for Long!

Newport Beach Real Estate Market

May, 2020

Today the real estate market has come to a slow down because of the Corona Virus Pandemic.  The real estate market through ingenuity and strongholds is reinventing how we can help our clients to buy, rent, sell and lease homes.  There is a strain on available funds for buyers and sellers to enter transactions but this economic slow down will not last long.  Why?

1) Sellers and Landlords are keeping their offer prices stable and inventory is low. 

2) The government has pumped money into the economy and is working together with private businesses to combat this crisis. 

3) Small businesses the back bone of our economy are coming up with ways to deliver services and adding new products to their services. Entrepreneurs are re-creating themselves.

4) History repeats itself.  The American Economy has had struggles in the past and the American People prevail! 

Featured Property for Lease


Sunday, May 3, 2020

Beaches along the Newport Beach Coast

Miles of the Strand are empty due to the Governor of California's Stay at Home Order

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