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A year ago today to late Spring homes were selling within 5 days all cash with mostly foreign investments.! Low inventory caused the residential homes prices and rentals to sky rocket up.  Today, homes are listed on the market at all time highs!  Sellers and Investment Property Owners are trying to capture this run up.  Homes are staying on the market longer now do to the jump. There is also less all cash transactions.  In a nutshell, the run up in prices have now stabilized as more homes have come on the market.   The increase in interest rates and the recent negative news of late on China's economic indicators has had some impact.

I wonder if my April  listing for a 1,950 s.f. home at $1.4 million in St. Michel  and my sale of 12 Bandol, the highest sale for a 4 bedroom in Aubergine, has motivated current owners to list their home for higher prices?


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